1- Lecture Hall:-
2- Library:-
3- ICT Resource Centre:-
4- Curriculum Resource Centre:-
5- Art’s And Work Experience Resource Centre
6- Health & Physical Resource Centre
7- Music & Dance Room
8- Seminar Hall
9- Meeting Hall
10- Canteen
11- Multipurpose Play Ground
12- Laboratories


Welcome to Bhartiya T.T. College Library. Our library has knowledge based rich collection of reading materials related to Education. Apart from this, we have books on general knowledge and others. It is our constant endeavor to deliver the best of current knowledge and information. For this, we subscribe to a number of Hindi and English dailies and a number of magazines. Journals related to Education.

Various facilities are available with the institution to ensure the health and hygiene of the staff and students.

  1. Health Center: – A room with 01 bed and first-aid kit is available for health checkup center.
  2. Drinking water: - For providing drinking water, water-coolers are fitted with RO system Separate wash room facilities for girls are provided by the institution. Proper drainage system is there in the building.
  3. Common room facility: - Separate common room facility is provided for girls & boys where they can relax during their academics if time permits. Common rooms are furnished with comfortable chairs, tables and amusement facilities.
  4. Canteen: - College campus there is provision of hygienic place for canteen which caters hot and cold drinks and snacks with proper seating arrangement. The canteen is equipped with refrigerator and microwave oven. An advisory committee was constituted to ensure the quality and to take care of proper functioning of the canteen.
Psychology Laboratory

The college has a psychology laboratory equipped with various psychological tests and equipment. The B.Ed. student and members of the faculty make use of these tests.

ARTS & CRAFT Resource Centre

There is one multipurpose hall in the college. This is used for the following purposes: Holding of practicum, celebration of certain functions and days of national and international importance, holding co-curricular activities, workshops and seminars, conducting examinations, holding guest lecturers, as a method laboratory and as a common room.

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