Field Experience

To provide practical training to prospective teachers, practice teaching is organized twice during the course for the total number of 40 working days in schools. Student teachers are required to prepare 40 lesson plans in each of the teaching subjects. They are guided and supervised by the teacher in charge from the institution. During Teaching Practice oral and written feedback are given by the teacher in charge. Peer trainees also observe the lesson and record them in the observation schedules. B.Ed. students on a separate observation schedule. Practice teaching is held in the following schools:

Micro Teaching

The pupil teachers are required to prepare reflective lesson plans of micro teaching as parts of their personal and professional development. The pupil teachers use micro teaching technique for developing teaching skills. Our college gives micro teaching practice in the-

  1. Objective writing
  2. Introductory
  3. Questioning
  4. Demonstration
  5. Reinforcement
  6. Black Board
  7. Stimulus Variation
  8. Integrated Lesson Plan

Reinforcement skill, black board skill and illustration skill is taught during discussion. The observation process is also put before them. In the peer group they give lesson of one skill. After the lesson the pupil teacher gets feed-back from the faculty as well as the peer group.

Block Teaching

Block teaching develop an understanding of the close relationship between society and the school between life and school work. In The Block teaching the pupil teachers become self relevant and go to different schools. We appoint various in charge among our pupil teachers in various block teaching schools. These in charge manage all the teaching curricular and extra curricular activities among the school students. Our pupil teachers conduct assembly regular activities, bulletin board, display of quiz, articles, reports etc. are also part of their work.


Pupil teachers prepare self-made teaching aids in the college. Tree plantation programme held during both block teaching in respective schools and this programme was also held on world and national environment day. Short plays are played on the social themes to bring awareness for values as well as abolition of social evils. To remove superstition by Posters and Rallies. Celebration of different Days, Greeting Card (Birthday, New Year, Deepawali, Teacher’s day etc.). Making best from waste materials, Literacy Mission. Religious Prayers are organized for unity integrity, brotherhood and communal harmony.

Seminar/Work shop/Orientation Programme

A number of regional, national level of seminars, workshops and extension lectures are organized from time to time to give a wider perspective of the innovations and development taking place in different fields to the students as well as teachers. They enlighten and enrich the mind and open new avenues of thought and research in different fields as they provide an opportunity to interact and learn from veterans of the educational community. Every year we organize seminar, workshop & Orientation programme in our college for quality professional, personality ,knowledge improvement. Our lectures learn about the recent innovations in technology. A two day national seminar on “Quality Planning & Execution in Teacher’s Training Programme” was held at this institute on 27 March to 28 March 2010.

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